Technical Sales Manager - Energy - UK and Europe

Listed Under: Sales Case Studies

Our client is a leading provider of specialist transport, handling and associated support/consultancy services to the Nuclear Industry with a worldwide customer base.  One of the foremost international providers of these specialist services they are committed to growth of their services business.  

A major factor in achieving growth and development was to be the appointment of a Technical Sales Manager with the remit to develop existing markets and identify and develop new markets for these specialist services within the UK and mainland Europe.

A campaign of national advertising and networking within the nuclear industry had yielded no suitable candidates for the role and we were called in to present our credentials and suggested recruitment methodology to the Divisional Director responsible.

Having taken a comprehensive job brief and utilising our Executive Search methodology we went about identifying an extensive list of target companies both within and external to the nuclear industry.  

Following submission and approval of this listing by our client we then identified and targeted suitably qualified and experienced individuals within these organisations.  Following direct approaches to these individuals we were able to set up a series of interview and briefing sessions with interested candidates.

From this we were able to submit a total of five candidates for client interview with three being then taken to second interview.  

The successful candidate (from a non-nuclear industry background) was offered and accepted immediately, commencing employment after a brief notice period.

Additional to this appointment an offer was made to the ‘second choice’ candidate for a senior commercial role with an international business development remit which he accepted. 

On subsequent questioning both candidates confirmed they would not have responded to an advert for either of these roles.