Executive Search

Executive Search requires a dedicated approach and should be a carefully selected service. We work in partnership with you to identify the key skills and talent required and build a comprehensive candidate profile. We spend time with your company, organisation and management team to identify the best approach and target areas.

Any search programme is agreed in advance and is executed with precision and speed.We know how costly vacancies can be.That said, our approach is always based on a qualitative process, and all parties are treated with respect, honesty and integrity at every turn.

We would advise on any local, regional or national employment law issues, depending on the country of appointment, be able to provide full salary benchmarking data where required, and our research team provides international support that means we can reach the right people.

Our research-based approach makes use of both open and hidden network channels, alongside more traditional research methodology and this combined approach ensures no stone is left unturned.

To receive more details on our Executive Search service and process outlining our the key options please get in touch.