How to recruit in Germany

Before embarking on recruiting within Germany, it is useful to check out the main options open to you. 

All the traditional recruitment channels exist and are available, but of course the key questions remain what will be the most effective for you.

Depending on the level, discipline and sector role you are hiring, we would urge all hiring managers to stop and consider the best route to market within Germany, before forging ahead.

One of the key decisions is the basis upon which you engage with recruitment consultancy services, namely Retained v Contingency.

We can help deliver a solution that is most suitable for your needs- feel free to contact us to discuss the options, at no obligation.

Our advice however you decide to move forward is clear -

  • Pick the approach that will ensure you really reach the talent that you need,
  • Ensure you develop a compelling case as to why individuals should join your organisation.
  • Have an open mind about business in Germany and take a culturally sensitive approach to the market.