Sales Manager Energy Solutions - Europe

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Case Study Sales Manager Energy Solutions - Europe

Global supplier of proprietary and proven energy efficiency and emission reduction solutions to the industrial and institutional sectors worldwide. It saves its customers money and improves their bottom line by reducing their fuel use and cutting their carbon emissions. 

Our client’s customers include many Fortune 500 and other leading multinational companies across a wide range of industry sectors including Food and Beverage, Chemical, Petrochemical, Paper, Pharmaceuticals and hospitals.

The company decided to take appropriate steps to break into the German market. We commenced the search for a salesperson in June by firstly targeting competitor companies. The main competition in Germany consists of two major companies both with very large salesforces and several others working in this and ancillary markets.

It soon became clear that within the competitor companies many of the salespeople had been with their respective employees for many years and were not going to move. They were also very well paid.

With candidates from other company’s salary also posed a big problem as did finding suitable candidates who had working experience and knowledge of CAPEX type projects which would be a major part of the role.

It was apparent here that there are few people in this market with the relevant experience able to fulfil the person profile. Therefore, it was agreed with the client to extend the search to include general engineering companies.

This culminated in sourcing and finding candidates accustomed to selling engineering projects to OEM Engineering customers. Two were presented and one was taken on in November. A solution had been found resulting in a successful conclusion to the project.