Sales Manager Battery Charger OEM

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Our client develops and supplies battery chargers to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of electric vehicles (e-Mobility) and industrial equipment. Its unique blend of engineering capability in high efficiency power electronics and embedded software design, delivers innovative battery charging solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

With millions of vehicles and industrial machines already using its products, the company’s innovation is enabling the widespread adoption of environmentally friendly electric drive systems.

The company,had already taken on a couple of sales agents in Europe and had filled this role a couple of years ago, but the person did not work out.

The company has no legal entity in Europe and when the search commenced it really was looking for someone based in Germany who would after a time form and build up a satellite office and recruit during time other staff members.

The reason Germany had been selected as the base was in part due to the market potential within the country and because a large Germany company involved in e-Mobility products had just been won as customer. So, an important address within the largest potential European market had been won.

The search commenced in March 2016 liaising with the HR department in one continent and the other in another being the VP Sales in US..

After presenting four initial candidates it was clear that the expectations within the company differed internallyabout the seniority of the candidate required for the European role and the future of the company in Germany and Europe moving forward. Changes occurred within the company with the HR department taking over the full responsibility for recruitment.

After three months of recruiting and interviewing this culminated in the company taking a fresh look at the person profile, modifying it to make it less senior and then having to tell all the candidates that had been presented, some twice, that they were unsuccessful due to their seniority. Standley Associates partnered and co-ordinated with the client at every stage to ensure effective communications at all times. 

The search was started again from scratch after altering the person profile and another three candidates were presented culminating in the successful recruitment at the end of September of a candidate based in South Germany with the title of Sales Director Europe, in part due to his vast experience in the key market of the company.

The successful candidate commenced his duties at the beginning of November 2016.