Recruit Sales in the Netherlands Bulletin Covid 19 - May 2020 Update

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Sales Recruitment in the Netherlands

COVID 19 Bulletin in the Netherlands

What they are saying:

The Dutch approach to the Coronavirus is to control the virus to a maximum, not to overload the health system and to protect vulnerable people in society.

If the Netherlands succeed in this, step by step more space will be created in the one and a half meter society. In the Netherlands, it is called an ‘intelligent lockdown’ as people are advised to stay home, but they are still allowed to go shopping and to go outside if they like to.

The essence of the measures is to stay at home as much as possible. Work out of home, if possible and keep at least one and a half meters apart from others. Restaurants and hairdressers are closed. Takeaways and delivery services are still open.

A lot of office people are working out of their homes, but other people who cannot work at home, are still allowed to go to work.

The current measures are effective up to and including the 19th of May. As per the 11th of May, primary schools will open again. All children will follow half of their lessons at school and half of their lessons online. Up to the 11th of May, children follow their lessons online. Secondary schools start their lessons as per the 1st of June. Up to then, the children have online classes.

As per the 28th of April, IKEA, H&M and other brands have opened their stores again. On the 21st of April, when the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte informed the Dutch people that the schools will be opened again, it is getting more crowded in the streets, especially in shopping streets.

Business impact

The Dutch government has put many initiatives in place to support the companies and other businesses in the Netherlands. For the first months, all companies can get support when they lose at least 20% of their turnover.

Self-employed people can get temporary social benefits created for the corona crisis. For now, all initiatives and support are available up to the 1st of June.

At the moment the total cases per day of COVID 19 seem to decline in the Netherlands. Fingers crossed that this will continue.

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