Recruit in the Nordics

Recruitment in the Nordics

Recruitment in the Nordics is a key specialism of Standley Associates and our locally based, highly experienced Search Consultants can help deliver effective recruitment strategies that will ensure success for all parties when seeking to appoint the best talent in this very special region.

Recruiting in the Netherlands requires an in-depth understanding of the country, along with a good knowledge of the unique nature of the job market challenges that both employers and candidates face in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, one the lowest crime rates in Europe, and is viewed as one of the most egalitarian cultures in the EU zone. This, therefore, goes a long way to explaining how the Netherlands is regarded as one of the happiest nations (number 7 no less!) in the World, and why it is a key destination for some of the largest employers and the best talent.

Some the World's leading organisations are based in the Netherlands, including the International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, this helps attract a large international community in the main city and surrounding areas. Additionally English is the main business language and therefore nearly all Dutch nationals, and international citizens speak a minimum of two languages.

Highly skilled employees are in demand in the Netherlands, therefore recruiting and attracting candidates requires a discreet, pro-active, and positive approach.

We at Standley Associates offer a personal bespoke service, uniquely tailored to each recruitment assignment led by our search professionals.

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