Internal Sales/Applications Support Specialist

Listed Under: Sales Case Studies

Our client is a leading manufacturer of components and subassemblies for applications within the automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, electronics, telecoms and others with a UK and International customer base.

Recognising the required combination of both in depth technical and commercial skills required of this unique role, their prior experience of recruiting for this role having highlighted a dearth of candidates with this background, and our experience of having successfully recruited ‘hard to fill’ roles for them previously we were called in to discuss the resourcing of this position.

Following detailed discussion we proposed a ‘blended Search’ approach.  This approach incorporates up to date web 2.0 searching techniques, social media utilisation, targeted resourcing and pro-active headhunting tactics that draw on our extensive engineering networks and database, as well as our UK and European research resources.

This combined approach is an important part of recruiting both senior and specific roles where the talent pool is harder to reach, and potential candidates may be happy to stay where they are. This is a particular expertise of Standley Associates where we are able to engage with the best talent, to enter into detailed discussion about the role, and present an alternative career option to candidates.

Adopting and adhering resolutely to this this inclusive methodology and despite a number of frustrations due to ‘near misses’ encountered during the course of this recruitment we were able to approach and gain interest from a previous employee who had been highly thought of within the company but had left to embark on a more commercially oriented career. 

Following detailed discussions between ourselves, the candidate and the company we were able to broker a ‘no obligations’ meeting between the company and the candidate to explore the opportunities and the implications of this role and a return to a previous employer.  

Following a series of honest and open discussions between the two parties the candidate was offered and accepted the position.  We maintained close contact with the candidate during the course of his lengthy notice period with his existing company to be aware of and react to any issues that might affect him commencing his new role.