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Head-hunters in the UK - Standley Associates Executive Search

Standley Associates has many years' experience delivering head-hunter and search services within Germany and Europe on behalf of a broad range of clients and many different market sectors.

We help appoint sales, commercial and business-critical positions into a variety of sectors from the dynamic digital, IT and business-critical commercial markets, to renewable energy, clean automotive, and AI emerging technologies.

We also have many years serving the more established and well known  sectors including electronics, high tech, health and science, to major industry and specialist manufacturing.

Headhunting in the UK requires a specialist approach and is an essential hiring service within the country. Each assignment requires a bespoke and sensitive approach, making sure each appointment is handled in the most effective and success orientated manner.

Our consultants have extensive experience of headhunting and search within the UK , and pride ourselves on working successfully with many clients over the last 12 years.

Why use Standley Associates when Headhunting or searching in the UK? - please see below just some of the considerations:

When to work with a head-hunter/executive search specialist?

1/ When you need to find the right person for your position:

When you need to hire someone who will make the difference, and has the requisite track record coupled with the required potential. Often these people are valued highly at their current organisation and not necessarily looking for a new post, so can be hard to identify, contact and engage in the best manner. You often only get one chance.

2/ When you need to save time:

When you know that there is every chance the recruitment process could take longer than you want. When you need your recruiter to reach the exact talent pool and be able to articulate the role in a way that brings it to life in a timely manner, and in way that appeals to them.

3/ When you need an experienced recruiter with a deep understanding of how to help

When you need to not only reach the best talent, but you also need to attract and help ensure they join you. You will need a head-hunter that has excellent networks, deep understanding of the skills required and can bring them to life on your behalf.

You will also need a recruiter that can partner with you through the whole process in a culturally aware and sensitive manner, that can guide you on the do's and don'ts

You will need a recruiter that is aware of the compliance and data privacy requirements in the region acting on your behalf.

4/ When you have limited internal resources.

As an external third party working hard on your behalf we represent your organisation and value proposition, acting as your trusted advisors on your behalf whilst pro-actively seeking the talent required. We take time to fully understand your organisation, your requirements, and your vision for the future.

5/ When the search is confidential

we partner with our clients and maintain confidentiality in every instance, and have many years' experience helping appoint confidential positions at all levels, in a discreet, respectful and compliant manner.

How to avoid making costly hiring mistakes when hiring in the UK

There can be many pitfalls when recruiting, sales, commercial and business-critical positions.

We understand that not every position is suitable for the head-hunting approach and we will always discuss in advance your requirements, detailing what you seek, and highlighting our recommendations for each post.

The common goal is to take a fast effective approach to each assignment and ensure success.

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