Business Unit Manager – Leading German Environmental Consultancy

Case Study - Standley Associates Executive Search

Vacancy: Business Unit Manager 

Company: Leading German Environmental Consultancy

Location: Germany

Process: Executive Search & pro-active Resourcing

Our client is a leading German Environmental Consultancy. It consults on complex environmental matters, remediates contaminated soil and other pollutions and plans complex civil engineering and natural resources projects on a regional (Germany) and European basis.

The company was formed some sixty years ago and has some 30 sites in Germany and over 10 in other European countries, including France and Spain with some 430 staff members’ altogether. 

At the time we came into contact our new client was seeking a Business Unit Manager for its biggest site in the south of Germany. Due to the specific nature of the role in hand and the desired and ideal candidate profile, the role demanded Standley Associates set about a dedicated search on their behalf.

During the course of these activities, and as a result of the in-depth network Standley Associates has been able to build we met a specialist Business Manager who had been at management level with over 15 years experience in the remediation market who was especially strong in projects at regional and European level. 

After careful assessment and consideration including a thorough competency-based interview process, both parties agreed this new role would be ideally suited and with objective advice Standley Associates were able to guide both parties through the offer process to a successful conclusion for all.

The successful candidate accepted the role as Business Unit Manager with special responsibility for Sales.....

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