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After a video conference with the heads of Germany's 16 states yesterday afternoon, Angela Merkel announced the gradual loosening of the strict lockdown measures which have been in place for a number of weeks.

Social distancing rules will stay in place until at least the 3rd of May, with Mrs Merkel also recommending the use of face masks in shops and on all public transport.

Shops of up to 800 square metres will be able to restart their businesses from next Monday onwards, providing they have plans in place to maintain hygiene and social distancing.

Car dealers, bicycle shops and bookstores can all reopen, regardless of their size on Monday. Hairdressers will be allowed to re-open their doors from 4 May onwards, providing they too comply with strict hygiene and social distancing measures. This will be strictly controlled by the police and the Office of Public Order at a local level.

Senior schools will reopen gradually from the 4th of May onwards, with new safety measures in place for breaks and school buses. Priority will be given to those students taking exams. Primary schools will open for final year pupils only and kindergartens will remain closed until further notice.

Large public gatherings, including football matches, religious services, concerts and theatre visits will remain banned until 31 August. Bars, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and music venues will also remain closed for the present.

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