Sales in Europe - 2017 and Beyond - Next Moves

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Sales in Europe - 2017 and Beyond

With the outcome of the referendum quite clear, the consequences of Brexit seem hard to predict. Undoubtedly, this will be challenging and focusing business & sales leaders minds, as companies plan ahead, in order to minimise the risks and maximise potential sales opportunities.

Speculations about the UK & European economic landscape will remain unclear until politicians set and agree on the rules, but in the meantime Directors and Entrepreneurs will be considering how to lead their own fate and to ensure their companies are best positioned to take advantage of the new situation.

Your Sales Structure in Europe.

Whatever sector, market or business area you are involved in, it is likely you will be interested in what options there might be for the sales structure of your company, especially in Europe and the UK.

At Standley Associates we have extensive experience of helping companies appoint Sales professionals at all levels within the UK & Europe, and we have also been able to introduce our clients to trusted legal advisors who can support in delivering the legal support and expertise required to create a business entity where required, especially in the German-speaking countries.

Looking to set up a GMBH company or have a sales presence in Germany?

Not only can we help appoint the sales expertise you need in Europe, but we have access to the expertise required to establish a German GMBH which could help secure access to mainland Europe's market and EU benefits.

If you are considering how best to configure your Sales Structure  in Europe and would like to discuss this please contact us in total confidence here