Regional Sales Manager - Spain

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Case Study

Regional Sales Manager - Spain - Telematics provider

Our client has established itself, since its market launch in 2000, as one of the European market leaders in commercial vehicle telematics. By providing telematics services for intelligent fleet management, the company assists transport companies in improving:

• Efficiency ++ in particular savings in fuel, repair and maintenance costs

• Optimisation of logistics, information and organisation processes ++ Logistics management and time management with tachograph download

• Environmental protection ++ Saving of 174,000 Tonnes of CO2 across all customers in 2010

We commenced the search looking in the areas of Seville and Barcelona. From the outset, the search proved to be extremely difficult. The Spanish telematics market is still relatively in its infancy with virtually no major players.

For this reason, it was very difficult to find candidates who matched the profile of sales, telematics and truck experience. Furthermore, it transpired that the areas of Seville and Barcelona were virtually devoid of companies and candidates with the required experience. The concentration was and is in Madrid.

After consulting the client it was agreed to search across Spain culminating in a successful placement, the candidate in question being a single man, living in Madrid, who had been working for a leading truck manufacturer across Spain.

He also had been marketing his employers own in-truck telematic solution to truck owners, thus having an intimate knowledge of the Spanish truck market.

He was able to work across Spain for our client whilst still using Madrid as a base.

There followed two further successful searches in Northern and Southern France for our customer.