Expert in Licensing Procedures - Remediation Consulting

Case Study Standley Associates Executive Search 

Vacancy: Expert in licensing procedures / environmental protection – Germany

Company: Leading Remediation Consultancy 

Service Provided: Executive Search & Pro-active Resourcing 
Our client is an independent European consulting and engineering company specialised in the design, improvement and management of the natural environment, built-up environment and infrastructure.

The business is an expert and leading company in the field of environmental consultancy, spatial development, civil engineering and the monitoring of environmental quality.

In Germany there are about 90 people who are qualified to carry out the above work, therefore the target list was already available as the people concerned are registered and approved by the government.

Approximately 70 % of those approached by Standley Associates were self-employed consultants having little interest in giving their status up.
Furthermore and as very few qualify for this status every year within Germany it meant that the 70 % had been self-employed for a long time.
Of paramount importance here was to maximise the opportunity with the few potential candidates available. Geography also played a role here as the company insisted that the chosen candidate live close to the office as the role required the assistance of qualified technical “in-situ” support personnel.

Standley Associates presented three candidates for the position, the client eventually appointing a consultant from a very small environmental engineering consultancy who had been with his employer for over sixteen years doing exactly this job. 

Standley Associates were able to guide both parties through the appointment process to mutual success and despite the apparent reliance on self-employed experts in this field Standley Associates was able to target, identify and ensure a top grade candidate found an excellent growing company with strong prospects.
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